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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

¬†Isn’t this a fabulous piece of art?¬† More on this later… but first…


I love nature…¬† I love the woods….. the birds… the trees…. little froggies… and all that other wonder that comes with being outdoors and making discoveries…

While doing some tree trimming the other day… I found these two beautiful nests …¬† what amazes me about them is all the neat little goodies that go into the building of this¬†sweet¬†”home”… even the sense of style …. yes I did say that as you will soon see why…¬† the thought and technique in making something that will protect their¬†families¬†from the elements as we protect ours …. their shelter,,,,,¬†and….¬†

Just¬†as we do…. when we are decorating…¬†¬†apparently….. these little fellows like a bit of color too….

This is what I found in one of the nests… the other had a paler shade of blue but it fell off somewhere along the way when I went to bring it up to the porch



And we thought people were the only ones who¬†were¬†talented¬†…. inspirational¬†….. creative ……

Next …. I was doing what I actually said I was going to do last week…cleaning up the workshop…..and imagine my ¬†surprise and excitement¬†when I found this in one¬†of the boxes¬†marked garden…


It takes a while to get a pot to grow moss like this… so needless to say … I was¬†thrilled¬†and I am nurturing it¬†….. watering it….. cultivating it…¬†¬†constantly…. how it survived like that for¬†more than two¬†years is beyond me … as it was in storage for¬†one and a half¬† and then in my workshop for another¬† …I found it¬†with some unopened potting soil and a few other pots…. someone else had packed this up for me when I moved from FL…¬†¬† I would like to think that my workshop isnt that wet¬†… perhaps it had started growing in FL and just kept on from there…..

Now on to that Wylde Woman …. that…. I am


This lovely award was given to me by Roxi…. of¬† Roxi designs…¬† I must say that I am flattered and humbled by all she said about me…. Roxi is busy working on her shop with several other creative artists and will be unveiling all for us to see soon… she makes lovely jewelry and other creative goodies… can’t wait to see what she is doing as she is quite talented and one of my Bliss Sisters….

I am going to post directly from Roxi’s blog on the rules and regs of this one… which are really easy….. the link to Roxi’s blog is¬†

“¬†My friend Debbie O awarded me this beautiful award the other day on her blog! The “Wylde Women Award” and beautiful artwork was created by Tammy Vitale.’

The sole purpose of this award is “To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.”

“I am going to give this award to Jo of Neereandear Creations. She is a very generous and giving person who is always ready to help a friend in need! Jo is also one of my favorite bloggers.”

 If you have someone who you would like to award here are the rules:

Introducing the Wylde Women Award to give to your favorite Wylde Woman blogger.

 Here are the rules:
1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number inbetween – it’s up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2. Link back to this blogsite (http:// (so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women.
Purpose of the Award:

To send love and acknowledgement to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.
I would love to see this travel around the world!

Now I must say …I was¬†fascinated by the art of Tammy Vitale… gifted …inspiring…¬† very different….¬† check out her blog for some of her work

So…here is the thing…. my lovely blog friends are all talented …giving ladies…. I wouldn’t call you blog friends if you werent… so I would have to name all of you which would take all day … …. however ….

I am going to award this to two¬†ladies… who inspire me immensely through their courage¬†…. humor¬†….¬†strength …. and who truly live their lives with generosity and joy ….

Deena … ¬† …¬†Not only¬†has she chronicled¬†the¬†story of her battle¬†with breast cancer¬†….¬†and shown the world that bald is not only¬†beautiful….. it’s downright gorgeous!!….¬†but she has taught me about bravery ….. and tremendous strength….¬†and through it all¬†she has a website…¬†¬† and several other blogs which you can find in her profile and is another Bliss Sister… a member of the Bliss Guild

Mimad…¬†¬† ….. Mimad is my “soul” friend … she has multiple sclerosis and is confined to bed … she too has taught me of strength and most of all humor… she has never lost it ….¬† These two ladies¬†are true testatments¬†that its not whats on the outside but the inside that counts… a lesson I believe we often times forget…..

And to two others who have inspired my love of the written word….

Barbara…..¬†¬† …. which we all know as …..The Book Blog…¬† Barbara has taught me about ….¬†¬† words…. not just words in books but also about words of encouragement…. and lots and lots of color….

KJ….¬† …. another one who teaches with words… literally … and all about silver linings… They truly do exsist….

These are just a few¬†¬†….¬†some I have mentioned in other posts…..¬†but truly I¬†think that all of my blog friends have taught me something…. about sticking together …. about friendship …. about comraderie….¬† each has given me a little something of themselves…¬† each has a story to tell… each is a WYLDE WOMAN

Please feel free to pass this¬†on to the WYLDE WOMEN in your life…..¬†




Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

First the hair stands on end….¬†she doesnt move ….but freezes¬†in stone¬†like position… ready to pounce…¬† watching with baited breath…. she moves towards her target……while it runs in a different direction….thinking it has found¬†the perfect¬†hiding place…..¬† ever so slowly¬†she makes her move…knowing she… full well…. will protect her mommy from the evil that lurks in the darkness…







Alas … the culprit got away … but PJ puffed herself proudly for defending her turf ….now thats what I call determination




Thursday, July 10th, 2008


arte-y-pico-award.jpg¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†The meaning of this award is to acknowledge bloggers who¬†are over the¬†top in art…design… interesting….creative …..talented….. (back to this later)

This is a post about thanking those who have big giving hearts ….. its about the kindness of others…. not only for those who have touched me with their friendship but also about their¬†willingness¬†in helping me by¬†reaching out to another…. so ….its kind of sappy in a way but hey I can be a sentimental old fool sometimes … along with being humbled by a lovely award that I received…

I will first start with this…. I have difficulty when someone sends me a gift in knowing a proper way to thank them…..mainly because I guess on some level … I am surprised that one would think of me in that respect enough to be so generous and wonder what I might have done to deserve something so thoughtful…..¬†however, I know that¬†it should be done¬†…. for the most part … in the form of a hand written note… which I am afraid I am no good at…oh my writing a letter is not my forte hard as I might try…. so…¬† I would like to acknowledge them…..¬†after this I want to thank some people who when I wrote to them about something very special came through with flying colors…. with kindness for another…. at the time I knew these people well… so if you werent emailed its not for any other reason than I may have just met you through blogging and didnt feel I should ask at that particular time…

And then on to an award…

First to these lovely ladies for the gifts bestowed upon me……

Ruth Welter…. for a lovely ceramic Rose bowl that she made herself… it will find a place of grace sitting on a table soon…

Kari and Kijsa….. for my bloglandia plaque that I keep close by to remind me of the wonderful friends I have made through this avenue of writing¬†on the internet.¬†¬† (don’t tell anyone but it follows me from room to room but thats between us)¬†¬† … ¬†

Gail McCormack….for a beautiful keychain and three beautiful cards all made from prints of her stunning original works¬† (the cards I plan to frame as they are quite lovely)… one day I shall own an original itself….¬†

You must check out these sites as they are talented and¬†beautiful ladies…


When I¬† was having my give away back in¬†December/January (let me just say that adventure will be a whole post in itself and will be amusing I must say) …. but at that time one of the entries touched my heart deeply and though this person did not win … I enlisted several of my friends to help me in¬†putting a smile on this persons face… I will not go into detail as the story is a sad one but not one of these people hesitated when I asked them to help me and two of them were all the way in Australia…. I cant think of a better way to say thank you….Each sent a special handmade gift that was¬†in turn sent to someone¬†who was going through a very difficult time…..¬†the package had arrived at its destination¬†back in March and I apologize that this is the first time I have said anything publicly but I wanted to wait a bit before I wrote about this… for the sake of the person involved… those who participated will understand and know why…..

In no particular order:

Natasha Burns…¬†¬†

Jenn and Jacqui Hudson who we all know from the Bowerbirds Nest…

Ruth Welter…¬†¬†

Dianne Schnidt….¬†¬†

Penny Carlson…¬†

Kari and Kijsa…¬†¬†

Your generosity and willingness to help is and will be appreciated by me for years to come

I must also thank these three people ….. I have been going through a very rough period for the past several months and have had a very odd but difficult situation that I have been dealing with and these three people have been my rocks in letting me vent and lending me a tremendous amount of support…

Cat Chambers…..¬† …..Ruth Welter and Gail Mc Cormack…. simply but not enough…. thank you

Now for my award… that¬†was given to me by not one but two very lovely ladies…

Christi …. a fellow Bliss Guild sister whose talent is amazing and who writes some of the best articles I have read … she has two blogs and one will lead to the other….¬†

Mima… a soul sister…. we are both Scorpios ….¬† November babies… Mima is someone who has a spirit and strength that amazes me …¬†she is one¬†you cant help but admire … will understand why when you read her blog…..¬†she is honest and forthright in writing about her feelings and emotions… she is a doll….¬†¬†

I am honored….

Now this award has rules… but you have come to the wrong place for that because I dont follow the rules…¬†¬† they are made to be broken¬† …. and I break them all the time… it gets me in trouble but that is a part of my free spirit…. cant hold me down to rules… so I pass this award first and foremost back to the ladies who bestowed it upon me and then to all my lovely friends I have met through blogland… you ALL deserve this award






Friday, July 4th, 2008

Wishing all a fabulous fourth…. a time to celebrate our indpendence…and be grateful to those who are defending our right to freedom!!¬† Enjoy your weekend!!

I will be closing the Tasha Tudor booklet below….Wednesday July 9th so if you have any friends who may be interested. in posting before it goes to the family ……. please let them know..Thanks



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